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If you found your way to this website, chances are something didn’t go as expected in life. Unfortunately, there are a multitude of people willing, ready and able to take advantage of your situation. In fact, the entire vehicle mobility industry is designed to do just that. And, it all starts at the top.
Simple supply and demand would dictate that prices will be high for special driving equipment, but for this industry that’s just not enough. They go out of their way to keep prices even higher. Whether that’s because a certain amount of people with disabilities have big lawsuits with big money behind them or many people have government agencies such as the VA or Vocational Rehab pay the bill, we will never know for sure. That’s my guess. Unfortunately, there are many more people that fall outside the big lawsuit/government paying than there are within. Everyone falling outside that group is left out in the cold. That’s not right.
I’ve reviewed many companies in the industry and graded them A-F. With only a few exceptions, most of these companies supply nice equipment and that will be noted at the beginning of the review. These reviews are my opinion based on four years within the industry dealing with these companies. The grades are based on their benefit to people with disabilities, not on the equipment/service they supply.

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If you’re looking for a deal, my advise to you will always be to buy used or buy direct. Use a small shop local mechanic, family or friend to do installs, maintenance and repairs. With few exceptions, none of this is hard even though the industry would like you to think it is. That’s one of the ways they keep prices high. Check ebay, craigslist, ask friends in the same situation and anything you can think of to find what you need. If you are one of the ones with the big lawsuit or government paying, please pass your old equipment on to those not in the same situation. We understand you can’t always give it away, but you don’t need to gouge people for the used equipment just because the industry is set up that way.


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